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Our poem from the December 12, 2023, session.

“We are researchers and advocates who connect humanity to the possibility that the climate crisis – the existential threat to civilization – contains myriad solutions, actions, and initiatives that can help create a better world for all.”

RITA Summit
“Resilience In The Anthropocene – a 3-day FREE online summit that brings together researchers, academics, experts from communities most impacted by environmental devastation and climate change, clinical psychology practitioners, and contemplative leaders to discuss eco-anxiety and climate distress within a framework of inner, community, and planetary resilience.”

Video Series: Uncertainty and Possibility—Meeting the Climate Future
A 10-part series of short videos with Christiana Figueres, Rebecca Solnit, and Roshi Joan Halifax.

Earth Based Mindfulness and Meditation: An Exploration of Eco Dharma Practices
“reflects a synthesis of what the 2022-2023 Eco-Advisory group shared with the BESS Family Foundation over the course of the year together.”

Recommended Resources on the Climate Crisis, assembled by Charles Schweger
Top 10 Eco-Buddhism books, 2024.pdf