Dec 2023 Poem

What helps us to turn towards climate…

the meadow lark who calls me to it.
allowing vulnerability,
love, heart connections.
bathing in the sun rays,

awareness practice,
remembering I am nature.
connecting with the beauty of nature every single day,
embracing the moment.
walking in nature,
companions on the path,
clear strong action in community.

Allowing the grief of knowing I hurt
as I hurt my
beloved Nature

remembering we have the capacity to love all beings, including ourselves!
feeling the rain on my face,
practicing setting down my thoughts, letting them be, and focusing on what’s nourishing.
Gratitude for the ability to be part of this amazing natural world,
A purr of contentment.

Allowing my river of grief,
in this ever-changing amazing ever growing natural world.

Composed from the comments of participants in the December 12, 2023, Climate Compassion Circle.